A Strong Foundation…Part 1 of The Weight Room Architect Series by Dave King

A Strong Foundation…Part 1 of The Weight Room Architect Series by Dave King

Palmer High School Flooring Installation

When training athletes we focus on a strong and powerful lower body in which to build explosive, powerful legs.  The ankles, knees & hips are subjected to ground forces upon every step, jump and lift they perform.  Today’s weight room designers must consider what surface material will allow athletes to work out longer, without injury.  Applications for sports surfacing can be categorized by 2 key factors:  Force reduction (how much surface absorbs energy) and restitution(how much energy a surface returns.)  Traditional 8mm rubber flooring has a low force reduction but high energy restitution.  The result is it returns a LOT of energy which can be tough on an athlete’s joints.  Its purpose is to cover a floor in areas of cardio & auxiliary strength circuits only.  You can install 8mm rubber flooring in puzzle tiles or rubber rolls which is generally glued down for permanent application.

Exeter-Milligan 8mm Rubber Flooring

On the opposite end of the spectrum is our very popular 1” thick Ultratile product, which has a lot of give.  Ultratile has a very high force reduction and low energy restitution.  It makes a great surface for free weight & dumbbell areas, along with clean platform zones for Olympic lifting.  Ultratiles are simple to install, easy to maintain, and have a 20 year lifespan.  You can design different color patterns and even have your facility’s custom logo emblazoned on them.

David City High School Ultratile

Safety is essential and force reduction is the key metric when designing a sports performance facility.  Energy Restitution maximizes the athlete’s ability to move faster and jump higher.  To achieve the correct balance among the two in applications where strength and conditioning is taking place, turf surfaces are a great answer.  We want an even amount of force reduction and restitution, which is achieved through our Turf products that include a 12mm rubber underlayment.

Wayne High School Speed and Agility Turf

It is of utmost importance to have a weight room design specialist assist you with selection of the right materials to help protect your athletes and help get the highest durability from your purchase.  We at Nova Fitness Equipment look forward to helping your facility with our FREE consultation services.

Dave King, The Weight Room Architect