Grand Island Central Catholic 2018

This was a really fun project to see come together!! Dave King and Grand Island Central Catholic put together an amazing training facility for the GICC #crusaders athletes!!! We had the pleasure of working from the bottom to the top of this project!! The room started out with ultratile combined with speed and agility turf and embedded lifting platforms by Ecore that were installed by our Nova flooring installer. Then the NOVA Fitness Equipment team came in and finished the rest!! Top of the line products are in this room; 7 Titan 1/2 racks by Dynamic Fitness & Strength paired up with adjustable STAND UP benches, in a sweet Navy and black color combo. The racks each have custom xmember logo’s with the CRUSADERS name laser cut into them w/ a light blue accent!! We used York Barbell for the free weights, colored training bumpers, medicine balls and slam balls. Plyo boxes by TAGfitness, cardio performance pieces like the S-Drive performance trainer by Matrix Fitness and the AirTek Hiit bike by HCI. The room has a plate loaded leg press by TKO Strength & Performance and a PPMS245 functional trainer by Tuffstuff Fitness International. This room is a great testament to the dedication the athletes at Grand Island Central Catholic have!! Thanks for teaming up with NOVA Fitness Equipment, we proud to have been a part of this project and we’re excited to keep working with you in the future!!!
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Pillars of the Weight Room – Part 2 of The Weight Room Architect Series by Dave King

The pillars of any weight room are the Olympic lifting stations that have their origins at the University of Nebraska.  Benefits of a power rack are safety, easy adjustability and versatile in the number of movements that can be performed.  The original concept was created at the University of Nebraska and called a “Husker Rack” after their school mascot.  There are 5 types of racks with reasons to choose each one as follows:

A Power Rack has safety arms inside the four frame posts so it has the ultimate safety with the user able to fall forward or back to catch the bar.  This product takes up a little more space and has a higher cost due to more steel used in manufacturing.

An Open Rack also has safety arms inside four frame posts, but the two front posts are cut shorter to allow the bar to be removed over the top when needed.  This is also referred to as a multi-use rack because you’re able to move a bar to the floor or platform for Olympic lifts.

A Half-Rack is now the most popular style we install in modern weight rooms.  It is fully open to the front with safety arms extending out over the floor.  This allows the user to perform all Olympic lifts safely and efficiently including squat, bench, incline press, rack pulls, cleans, dead lifts, etc.

A Double Half-Rack is simply 2 half-racks constructed back-to-back for maximum space efficiency in a medium sized space.

Finally, a Dual Half-Rack with Storage System is the most efficient product to implement a functional weight room space.  This 2-station half-rack is connected with storage shelves that hold everything from dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and bumper plates.  This system allows a user to stay at one station to perform close to 90% of their training program.  One Dual Half-Rack system can serve 8-10 athletes at one time, including the rotation of spotters.

Our goal is to help you create a safe & efficient weight room so your athletes can maximize their gains in the time allowed.  We look forward to helping you design, choose and install modern lifting stations for your training facility.  Please feel free to contact Nova Fitness Equipment for more information.

Center of Success

To turnaround the York football program, Glen Snodgrass improved the weight room and the Dukes commitment to being there.

The weight room at York High School wasn’t a real popular place when Glen Snodgrass arrived in 2011 to coach football.

The Dukes had lost 20 consecutive games. Actually, the weight room was kind of an afterthought.

“Most of the coaches in their sports were just doing it on their own,” Snodgrass said. “Now, to have it under one roof and all of sports getting the same terminology has been huge.

“Everybody has bought in. The coaches, the players and the parents.”

What has it meant for his football program? Five straight playoff appearances. A trip to the 2013 state finals. Consider, York had been to the playoffs just eight times in school history prior to his arrival.

The weight room, now, where the Dukes partnered with NOVA FItness Equipment from Omaha, is a staple of the success in the Duke program.

“For us, the weight room is the biggest thing we do in the summer,” said returning all-state player Simon Otte. “Everyone is in there working hard, lifting hard and doing things to get stronger and faster.”

York’s relationship with NOVA was a by-product of Snodgrass working with Dave King during his time in Overton where he turned the Eagles into an 8-man power. King and NOVA partner with nearly 160 high schools in Nebraska.

King said he’ll work with Snodgrass, who oversees the school’s eight weight training classes and strength and conditioning program, at least twice a year to maximize the Dukes space.

“I remember when Coach got the job, he called me and said, ‘We need a functional cable crossover machine,’” King said. “We had got them one in Overton and set them up in York and it’s been a good partnership ever since.”

Recently, the partnership has yielded new lifting platforms, a turf run in the Dukes wrestling room and a Woodway treadmill for speed development.

“The Woodway treadmill is really used for developing speed,” King said. “It’s next level equipment for a school like York. It’s being used right now in nearly 75% of NCAA Division I weight rooms.”

It’s a partnership that Snodgrass hopes will help the Dukes continue their success in 2017 as they return seven defensive and six offensive starters from a 7-3 team that lost twice to Aurora and to state champion Elkhorn South.

At the top of his list of senior returners are Otte, a dynamic two-way player who rushed for over 1,200 yards and had 120 tackles last year, and Nebraska commit Masry Mapieu.

Their coach gushes about the possibilities.

“Simon is probably one of the top players in the class both ways,” his coach said. “And Masry can really be a dominant two gap player for us in our 3-4. He’s in great shape and has dropped 10-15 pounds.”

In addition, Tyler Cast (led Class B in interceptions in 2016), and two-way starters Garrett Snodgrass (the coach’s son) and Brady Danielson return for the Dukes.

“A lot of people want to talk about Masry and Simon and Garrett, I think,” the coach said, “but Tyler and Brady are just as good as any of them. They both have potential to play at the next level.”

But in York this year, as in the past, the weight room will have been the center of any success on the field. And, maybe more importantly, for team building.

“We are in there five days a week all year long,” Garrett Snodgrass said. “It’s great to be in there with your buddies and it’s getting you physically better.

“But want people don’t realize is when you are working hard with your brothers in the weight room, it makes it that much harder to give up when you are on the field together.”

A Strong Foundation…Part 1 of The Weight Room Architect Series by Dave King

Palmer High School Flooring Installation

When training athletes we focus on a strong and powerful lower body in which to build explosive, powerful legs.  The ankles, knees & hips are subjected to ground forces upon every step, jump and lift they perform.  Today’s weight room designers must consider what surface material will allow athletes to work out longer, without injury.  Applications for sports surfacing can be categorized by 2 key factors:  Force reduction (how much surface absorbs energy) and restitution(how much energy a surface returns.)  Traditional 8mm rubber flooring has a low force reduction but high energy restitution.  The result is it returns a LOT of energy which can be tough on an athlete’s joints.  Its purpose is to cover a floor in areas of cardio & auxiliary strength circuits only.  You can install 8mm rubber flooring in puzzle tiles or rubber rolls which is generally glued down for permanent application.

Exeter-Milligan 8mm Rubber Flooring

On the opposite end of the spectrum is our very popular 1” thick Ultratile product, which has a lot of give.  Ultratile has a very high force reduction and low energy restitution.  It makes a great surface for free weight & dumbbell areas, along with clean platform zones for Olympic lifting.  Ultratiles are simple to install, easy to maintain, and have a 20 year lifespan.  You can design different color patterns and even have your facility’s custom logo emblazoned on them.

David City High School Ultratile

Safety is essential and force reduction is the key metric when designing a sports performance facility.  Energy Restitution maximizes the athlete’s ability to move faster and jump higher.  To achieve the correct balance among the two in applications where strength and conditioning is taking place, turf surfaces are a great answer.  We want an even amount of force reduction and restitution, which is achieved through our Turf products that include a 12mm rubber underlayment.

Wayne High School Speed and Agility Turf

It is of utmost importance to have a weight room design specialist assist you with selection of the right materials to help protect your athletes and help get the highest durability from your purchase.  We at Nova Fitness Equipment look forward to helping your facility with our FREE consultation services.

Dave King, The Weight Room Architect

A Balanced Athlete Is…

by Dave King, Nebraska Territory Manager

We all look in the mirror in the morning and make our own judgments, but not everyone has a 4-way mirror to check how they look at all angles.  We concentrate on our face, chest, shoulders, belt line and whether our boot tips are shiny.  Eventually, we walk out into the real world, and all sides are seen at 360 degree angles; more judgments are made.  When programming an athlete’s training, we want to not only consider the muscles they see in the mirror but what can bring balance to dynamic athletic movements.  A balanced training program can produce an injury-free, strong, fast and powerful athlete.  The easiest way to balance their training is through postural pairing of their exercises.  Training the biceps can be balanced by training the triceps…training the quadriceps can be balanced by training the hamstring muscles…training the pectorals can be balanced by training the lat muscles.  Balance can also be introduced from top to bottom(literally) when considering the glutes.  How many times do you see a male athlete with over-developed shoulders and underdeveloped calves, upper legs and glutes?  The athlete may push opponents around in the first half, but will tire and weaken in the 2nd half if they have no lower body muscular endurance.  An unbalanced athlete may put up excellent numbers in the weight room, but cannot translate these numbers to elite athleticism on game-day.  So, when we use the term balanced, we are really talking about “functional” training.  Being a functional athlete means:  Can you apply the results of your training to the real world?  Can you function in a 360-degree environment with strength, speed & power?  One such training tool we can use to easily pair our muscle movements are functional cable machines.  They allow an athlete to efficiently train postural muscle pairs by using rotating pulley arms that go from narrow to wide and hi to low.  There is an endless amount of exercises that you can train with a functional cable machine, when paired with a variety of handle attachments.  Some examples are a standing chest press, mid-row, cable lunge and standing hamstring curl.  The best feature of a functional cable machine is there’s so much training variety in a very small footprint.  They are balanced training & space efficiency all wrapped in one economic solution.  The next time you are looking for tools to balance your sports performance programming, please review selections for functional cable machines.  That way, your athletes will look good running onto the field, stay injury free, and look even better running off with the victory.

Dave King, The Weight Room Architect

Nova Fitness Equipment     

Lateral Stability Trainers: Not Just for Seniors

When you hear the words, “lateral stability” you may think it only applies to dear old Grandma who has fallen and can’t get up and you would be wrong. The new SciFit Latitude Trainer is changing the game in Sports Performance Training and Injury Prevention.

According to a study from the Journal of Athletic Training, ACL injuries account for 50% of all knee injuries affecting high school aged athletes and are often caused by movement that involve landing, jumping or pivoting. The Latitude’s unique bi-directional resistance system and circular motion activate key muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements. Strengthening these key muscle groups could greatly reduce the risk of an initial injury and also help the rehabilitation process after injury.

Utilizing a recumbent position the Latitude is able to activate firing patterns in muscles missed by sagittal plane exercisers, which will help develop overall strength and balance for lateral motions. Also, with 191 resistance levels at increments of 0.1; atheletes of all genders, ages, and abilities are able to comfortably and progressively train on the Latitude.

See what the Latitude can do for your athletes today; using our Trial Agreement program. We will bring a Latitude to you for 14 days with no costs, charges or obligations to purchase. In-depth training will be provided by our sales team and your athletes get to train on the unit before you buy.

Contact us to experience the Nova difference, today.