High Schools

Grand Island Central Catholic 2018

This was a really fun project to see come together!! Dave King and Grand Island Central Catholic put together an amazing training facility for the GICC #crusaders athletes!!! We had the pleasure of working from the bottom to the top of this project!! The room started out with ultratile combined with speed and agility turf and embedded lifting platforms by Ecore that were installed by our Nova flooring installer. Then the NOVA Fitness Equipment team came in and finished the rest!! Top of the line products are in this room; 7 Titan 1/2 racks by Dynamic Fitness & Strength paired up with adjustable STAND UP benches, in a sweet Navy and black color combo. The racks each have custom xmember logo’s with the CRUSADERS name laser cut into them w/ a light blue accent!! We used York Barbell for the free weights, colored training bumpers, medicine balls and slam balls. Plyo boxes by TAGfitness, cardio performance pieces like the S-Drive performance trainer by Matrix Fitness and the AirTek Hiit bike by HCI. The room has a plate loaded leg press by TKO Strength & Performance and a PPMS245 functional trainer by Tuffstuff Fitness International. This room is a great testament to the dedication the athletes at Grand Island Central Catholic have!! Thanks for teaming up with NOVA Fitness Equipment, we proud to have been a part of this project and we’re excited to keep working with you in the future!!!
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Santee High School

The student athletes at Santee Community Schools have some big improvements to look forward to in 2018!!! Take a look at the before and after pictures of their weight room – INCREDIBLE!!!

The NOVA Fitness Equipment delivery/install team ended the year with a cold and snowy delivery up to Niobrara NE this week to deliver some goodies to the Santee Warriors!! We installed (4) #titan 1/2 racks by Dynamic Fitness & Strength, complete with annex storage for kettlebells, dumbbells and bumper plates, custom #WARRIORSTRENGTH logo’s and matching benches!! We also installed a #PPMS-245 functional trainer and lat pulldown by Tuffstuff Fitness International, a #VARSITY chin/dip assist and a legext/prone leg curl by Matrix Fitness, a power sled & glute/ham developer by Dynamic Fitness & Strength, a plate loaded squat press by TKO Fitness a V8lg platform by VertiMax and a Cybex International 525T treadmill and 525AT arc trainer and a #AIRFIT bike by StairMaster Official Site!!! Accessories in the room include, kettlebells by York Barbell and dumbbells and bumper plates by Dynamic Fitness & Strength!! ???

In order for this transformation to happen, our team went up a couple of weeks ago and removed all of their existing equipment to get the room ready for the flooring installation. Then last weekend, our flooring installation crew spent two days installing the #ULTRATILE rubber flooring and Speed and Agility turf by Ecore so that we could come in this week and install the equipment.

If you’re looking to do a major room overhaul like this – WE ARE THE TEAM to do it!!!! This has been a fun project to work on, we love the way the room turned out, and we think everyone there will as well!!! ??

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McCook High School

The Mc Cook Senior High School received (4) brand new Dynamic Fitness & Strength 1/2 racks with annex storage yesterday afternoon, which gives them 8 lifting stations and storage for all of their functional training equipment!! The NOVA Fitness Equipment team was there to install the lifting platforms made out of #ultratile by Ecore and then assemble the 8 racks with connecting storage for items such as bumper plates, medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells!! The #riverred uprights look great in the room w/ their McCook #bison color scheme!!! ???

Thank you for choosing NOVA Fitness Equipment for your weight room and sports performance needs!! We look forward to working with you again!!

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David City High School

David City High School is a true”Worst to First” story – check this article out to find out what we mean… http://strivsports.com/worst-to-first/

This was a such an exciting project to have been a part of and Nova Fitness Equipment was there all the way!!! Dave King, our Nebraska High School Specialist, had been working with David City on their weight room project for a number of years, so being able to partner with them on their 3000 square foot new space was quite the opportunity!!

The 1st phase of the project was the flooring.  This room has ultratile throughout the room with custom logo lifting platforms embedded into the floor.  They also have a 12′ x 80′ turf run in the center of the room that is made by A-Turf. It is a cushion supreme synthetic turf in a custom red color.

For the strength side of the room, we installed 6 Cybex #bigiron combo racks, with matching benches in black frames with red upholstery.  We continued with the Cybex line and brought in a Scott Curl, Prestige Prone Leg Curl, a Prestige Row machine and a Prestige Chin/Dip Assist.  The racks are filled with Iso-Grip rubber encased plates made by York Barbell.

Over on the cardio side of the room, we installed 2 Cybex 770T treadmills, 2 Cybex 770AT total body arc trainers and a Cybex 770R recumbent cycle.

The free weight area of the room has fitballs of assorted sizes, custom logo soft plyo boxes by UCS Spirit and kettlebells ranging from 5lbs to 45lbs by York barbell.

The room came together perfectly and the DC Scouts will get a lot of use out of this new weight room!!!

Pierce High School

Pierce high school in Pierce Nebraska started their year off with a great start…. a fully remodeled weight room!!! Nova Fitness Equipment was very excited to work with Pierce on this project because of all of the customization that the school wanted!!! The Pierce #bluejays are very proud of their school and their #schoolspirit really shined through!!! We installed (2) 1/2 racks with annex storage by @dynamic_fitness_and_strength , a @westsidebarbellofficial glute ham bench, free weights, bumper plates and bars by @york_barbell_official, kettlebells and #battleropes . The main focus of the room is the all new #ultrapro double half racks by @dynamic_fitness_and_strength with custom made wraps with #piercehighschool laser cut into them. We also did #custom upholstery with their logo of the #bluejay stitched in and the 1/2 racks are connected by a custom name plates with PIERCE HIGH SCHOOL & their blue Jay logo on them. Inside of the Ultra Pro racks, we have custom logo #ultratile by @ecoreintl & soon to come they will have custom logo #plyoboxes by @ucs_spirit !!! The room looks great and we look forward to working with you again soon on anymore updates/improvements to your room!!
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Diller-Odell Fitness Center – Diller Ne.

NOVA Fitness Equipment had the pleasure of working with Diller-Odell Fitness Center again this year, but at their newest location in Diller, Nebraska. This brand new community fitness facility is now home to the latest and greatest cardio, strength and sports performance training around!!! We worked this project from the ground up, with our flooring installers laying out Ecore #ultratile in #tigers colors with orange and black flecking and embedded platforms in a steel appeal color. Over in the cardio area, members will find the #curve non-motorized treadmill by Woodway Treadmills, a #rower by Concept2, Inc. and a selection of #bikes, #arctrainers, and motorized treadmills by Cybex International, Inc. The middle of the room draws all of the attention when you walk in the with #signalorange #titan double half rack by Dynamic Fitness & Strength, complete with a dip attachment, landmine attachment and matching adjustable benches. Throughout the room you will also find plate-loaded pieces and a PPMS-245 functional trainer by Tuffstuff Fitness International and accessories like dumbbells, kettlebells, wall balls, medicine balls, training bars and colored bumper gripped plates by York Barbell and #usasports. We were very excited to get to work with the staff at Diller-Odell Secondary School again on this project and we think the members will enjoy this room and the products that it offers!!! Thanks again for choosing NOVA Fitness Equipment!!!???

If you are interested in learning more about how Nova Fitness Equipment can help you with your fitness facility needs, contact us today at 402.343.0552. We offer FREE consultations and room design!!!

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Shelby Public Schools

Shelby-Rising City Huskies were the recipients of 8 shiny new #EDGE 1/2 racks by Dynamic Fitness & Strength yesterday afternoon. The yellow and black color combination looks great with their #custom Ecore #ultratile platforms!!! The benches that we used for this installation have a unique feature in that they can be stood up. The convenient stand up feature allows you to store the bench with a much smaller footprint when not in use, giving your athlete’s a little more room.

And don’t forget about this great #cardio line-up they received… 2 Cybex International, Inc. 625T treadmills and 1 625AT Cybex International, Inc. total body #Arc trainer!!

If you’re looking to redo your fitness facility – give us a call!! NOVA Fitness Equipment offers #FREE consultation for your needs, FREE room designing and FREE estimates!!!

Thanks to the #HUSKIES for partnering with NOVA Fitness Equipment – the room looks great and we think everyone will enjoy it!!!

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Boone Central High School

Boone Central Schools received their order of new #cardio equipment a few days ago. The NOVA Fitness Equipment delivery/installation team installed (1) new Cybex International 625T treadmill, (1) Cybex International, Inc. 525AT arc trainer, the AWESOME Matrix Fitness #SDRIVE Performance Trainer and a Matrix Fitness S3X stepper.

These pieces look great in the room and will give the students multiple choices of equipment to use for their cardio workouts!!

Thanks for choosing NOVA Fitness Equipment time and time again!!
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Blair High School

Blair High School was where the big action was at this week for NOVA Fitness Equipment!! ?

The #blairbears were the proud recipients of (5) Dynamic Fitness & Strength #collegiate racks along with (5) stand up adjustable benches, also by #dynamic fitness and strength. The racks were placed on top of Ecore #ultratile platforms – Ultratile has a very high force reduction and low energy restitution. It makes a great surface for free weight & dumbbell areas, along with clean platform zones for Olympic lifting. Ultratiles are simple to install, easy to maintain, and have a 20 year lifespan. You can design different color patterns and even have your facility’s custom logo emblazoned on them.

Congrats to the #bears – your room looks great and thanks for always partnering with NOVA Fitness Equipment again and again!! ???

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Nebraska City Middle School

A couple of great looking pictures for the installation done by NOVA Fitness Equipment down in Nebraska City at the Middle School. Our team delivered and installed 2 Dynamic Fitness & Strength #gladiator racks with #annex storage for their bumper plates, med balls and dumbbells!! We did a color combination on the racks and benches of their school colors #purple and #yellow. This room also has 3 suspension trainers by TRX Training, portable partner glute/hams by Perform Better, and dumbbells by York Barbell. This will be a great room for their middle school students to start their weight training program early and get them ready for the next level!! Thanks for partnering with us Nebraska City Middle School!! ???

Does your weight room need a makeover??? We ARE the team to do it!! Contact us today for a free consultation and room design!!

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