Leasing Options

Looking for a way to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for your equipment purchase? We can find the best lease option to suit your facility’s needs.  The two common options available are:

A Fair Market Value (FMV) lease allows the customer to utilize the equipment for a designated number of months with end of lease options to continue to lease the equipment, return the equipment and upgrade to new equipment, or purchase the equipment at the then determined fair market value price of the equipment. A FMV lease also is known as an operating lease.  This would typically be utilized in high-traffic facilities where equipment will be replaced in 3-5 years.

A $1 Buyout/Purchase Option has a higher monthly payment than a FMV lease, but this lease is selected by a customer who wants to own the equipment at lease end for $1. This lease also is known as a capital lease. Most of the time, this type of lease fits a customer in lower-usage facilities who will keep the equipment for a longer period of time post-lease.

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