Lateral Stability Trainers: Not Just for Seniors

Lateral Stability Trainers: Not Just for Seniors

When you hear the words, “lateral stability” you may think it only applies to dear old Grandma who has fallen and can’t get up and you would be wrong. The new SciFit Latitude Trainer is changing the game in Sports Performance Training and Injury Prevention.

According to a study from the Journal of Athletic Training, ACL injuries account for 50% of all knee injuries affecting high school aged athletes and are often caused by movement that involve landing, jumping or pivoting. The Latitude’s unique bi-directional resistance system and circular motion activate key muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements. Strengthening these key muscle groups could greatly reduce the risk of an initial injury and also help the rehabilitation process after injury.

Utilizing a recumbent position the Latitude is able to activate firing patterns in muscles missed by sagittal plane exercisers, which will help develop overall strength and balance for lateral motions. Also, with 191 resistance levels at increments of 0.1; atheletes of all genders, ages, and abilities are able to comfortably and progressively train on the Latitude.

See what the Latitude can do for your athletes today; using our Trial Agreement program. We will bring a Latitude to you for 14 days with no costs, charges or obligations to purchase. In-depth training will be provided by our sales team and your athletes get to train on the unit before you buy.

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