Pillars of the Weight Room – Part 2 of The Weight Room Architect Series by Dave King

Pillars of the Weight Room – Part 2 of The Weight Room Architect Series by Dave King

The pillars of any weight room are the Olympic lifting stations that have their origins at the University of Nebraska.  Benefits of a power rack are safety, easy adjustability and versatile in the number of movements that can be performed.  The original concept was created at the University of Nebraska and called a “Husker Rack” after their school mascot.  There are 5 types of racks with reasons to choose each one as follows:

A Power Rack has safety arms inside the four frame posts so it has the ultimate safety with the user able to fall forward or back to catch the bar.  This product takes up a little more space and has a higher cost due to more steel used in manufacturing.

An Open Rack also has safety arms inside four frame posts, but the two front posts are cut shorter to allow the bar to be removed over the top when needed.  This is also referred to as a multi-use rack because you’re able to move a bar to the floor or platform for Olympic lifts.

A Half-Rack is now the most popular style we install in modern weight rooms.  It is fully open to the front with safety arms extending out over the floor.  This allows the user to perform all Olympic lifts safely and efficiently including squat, bench, incline press, rack pulls, cleans, dead lifts, etc.

A Double Half-Rack is simply 2 half-racks constructed back-to-back for maximum space efficiency in a medium sized space.

Finally, a Dual Half-Rack with Storage System is the most efficient product to implement a functional weight room space.  This 2-station half-rack is connected with storage shelves that hold everything from dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and bumper plates.  This system allows a user to stay at one station to perform close to 90% of their training program.  One Dual Half-Rack system can serve 8-10 athletes at one time, including the rotation of spotters.

Our goal is to help you create a safe & efficient weight room so your athletes can maximize their gains in the time allowed.  We look forward to helping you design, choose and install modern lifting stations for your training facility.  Please feel free to contact Nova Fitness Equipment for more information.