Cybex R Series Lower Body Arc Trainer 50L

Cybex R Series Lower Body Arc Trainer 50L

MSRP $7,600.00


The popular alternative motion cardio unit offers extreme efficiency and effectiveness backed by exercise science. The lower body version is ideal for all exercisers, but is especially effective for challenging HIIT workouts or for exercisers who want to increase their power and strength.

Stationary arms let exercisers focus on power, intense interval training and high calorie burn.

21 incline levels allow for a wide range of workouts and the ability to work different muscle groups.

Standard internet connection provides detailed equipment use information, exerciser insights and preventive maintenance alerts. Connection also enables remote equipment monitoring, which allows our knowledgeable technicians to alert you in the rare case of a problem, often before you know one exists.

Two console options. The 70T Console includes integrated TV, touch screen functionality, and an enhanced exerciser experience. The 50L Console offers simplified interaction and a bright LED display.