Dashr Multi-Event Kit

Dashr Multi-Event Kit

MSRP $850.00

The Multi-Event Kit contains the hardware for two tall timing gates (four regular tripods, two laser modules, and two reflectors) and one short timing gate (two mini tripods, one laser module, and one reflector).  It can be used for dash events, flying events, dash with split events, pro-agility drills, T-test, lane agility drills, lap events, or custom events.  The standard kit works in indoor and outdoor conditions.


**For outdoor use we strongly suggest the outdoor version, which contains additional hardware for stabilization in windy conditions.  The Outdoor Multi-Event Kit contains two additional tripods, two phone holders, three Heat Shields, and four tripod weight systems.** Purchase price: $1,025.00

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  • 3 laser modules
  • 3 reflectors
  • 4 regular tripods
  • 2 mini tripods
  • Briefcase