Monark ProVo2 928E

Monark ProVo2 928E

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With the Monark ProVo2 928E, the calculation of the test value is in the display and presented in l/min and ml/kg/min. The traditional kp scale is converted in watts. A walk through frame and the easy adjustments of the saddle and handlebar make this bike user friendly. The subjects should pedal at a frequency of 60 rpm during the test. A perfect bike for aerobic tests and training.

Large, well-balanced flywheel 22 kg (48 lbs).
Pendulum scale, possible to calibrate.
Adjustable saddle with quick release lever.
Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever.
Stable frame, solid steel tube.
Powder painted. Wheels for easy transport.
Electronic display with heart rate.

The meter is a new model that can be turned so the person conducting the test can retain full control. The metronome on the display is fully visible to the test person.