NuStep T4r Seated Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer

NuStep T4r Seated Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer

MSRP $4,095.00

The NuStep T4r Seated Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer provides you with a total body workout! It provides a comfortable sitting position with smooth stepping.

With the NuStep T4r Seated Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer, users of virtually any ability level can get a low-impact, full-body workout that combines lower- and upper-body movement. The T4r is easy to use and has been designed to simulate the motion of walking.

Why Use The NuStep T4r Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer?

The T4r features a comfortable, wheelchair seat that spins a full 360 degrees and can be locked every 45 degrees. This allows users to access and transition onto the seat from any angle. The seat also adjusts forward and back to accommodate various leg lengths.

The easy-to-adjust clamshell releases located on the arm handle lets users establish the optimal arm handle length. The rubber hand grips are soft, comfortable and easy to clean.

Supportive and stable foot pedals help make a good lower-body workout possible. The foot pedals were designed to accommodate feet of various sizes. The heel cups help reduce slipping off the pedals.

The display on the NuStep T4r is easy to read and easy to use. With the Quick Start button, workouts begin with a single click. Resistance level and total steps are displayed. A media shelf, StrideLock™ lever and water bottle holder are situated below the screen.

Who Can Use The NuStep T4r Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer?

The T4r cross trainer empowers users of virtually all ability levels to engage in exercise. The T4r recumbent combines lower and upper body movement for a full body workout, building strength and invigorating users such as those with disabilities, in rehabilitation or desiring health and wellness to get the most out of life. Safe, smooth, quiet, and easy to use, T4r inspires independence among users and therapists.

NuStep T4r – Key Features and Dimensions

Overview: Total body conditioning of the cardiovascular and muscular systems; Use arms alone, legs alone, or both; Closed-kinetic chain exercise; Natural recumbent stepping motion.

  • Low 7”–9” step-through height
  • Biomechanically correct workout position; Contralateral movement; Smooth fully connected motion;
    User-selected stepping height from 2”–8.5”
  • Resistance System: Quiet, frictionless, permanent magnetic eddy current system with 10 workload levels
  • User power output from 5–800 watts
  • All-belt drive
  • Spring-loaded idlers automatically adjust belt tension
  • Long-life, high-grade bearings
  • Frame: Durable, heavy-duty 14-gauge welded steel frame
  • Powder-coated frame and zinc plated
  • Four-point contact with the floor and leveling feet
  • Strong, impact-resistant polystyrene cover
  • Anodized aluminum arms with extra-long, comfortable hand grips
  • Ergonomically correct hand position
  • Long, 15” (38 cm) arm adjustment range

Seat and Arm Rests: Swivel seat rotates and locks 90O to left or right, 180O total; Foam-covered seat and swivel release levers work from front, sides or back; Seat slides and adjusts smoothly; 15” (38 cm) forward/backward travel automatically adjusts seat height 2” (5 cm) up and down; Ergonomically designed padded seat has contoured back support. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended due to voltage requirements of the display.

Foot Pedals: Cast Aluminum pedals with powder coating.Four-bar linkage and nonskid treads.

The NuStep T4r Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer is safe, smooth, quiet, and easy to use. NuStep’s recumbent steppers are the leading choice among healthcare and fitness professionals as well as home users. T4r brings a fresh design that is ideal for any professional setting or home use.