Shuttle 2000-1

Shuttle 2000-1

MSRP $5,699,956,995.95

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The Shuttle 2000-1 provides durable, reliable and incredibly versatile equipment for a wide variety of uses from range of motion and strength rehabilitation to sports and performance training. A safe, simple and easy to use approach to resistance training creates the perfect solution for users of all ages and abilities.

Heavy duty construction easily and safely withstands weights of more than 400 lbs
Provides a full spectrum of exercises to improve and support any total rehabilitation regiment
Surprisingly smooth resistance system allows proprioceptive activities using less than body weight
Save time and hassle by ordering pre-configured packages suited for your needs
Packages allow you to weigh cost efficiency against improved capabilities and performance
All Shuttle packages include completely free dock to dock shipping for a fast, easy experience
Shuttle 2000-1 Standard – $5,699.95

Shuttle 2000-1 Adjustable Backrest – $5,999.95

Shuttle 2000-1 Clinical – $6,239.95

Shuttle 2000-1 Clinical Plus – $6,799.95

Shuttle 2000-1 Deluxe – $6,995.95