Salvation Army Kroc Center – Omaha

Salvation Army Kroc Center – Omaha

The NOVA Fitness Equipment team is very proud to present some of the pictures from a project that we partnered with the Omaha Kroc Center!! This project has been in the making for quite some time now and we are VERY pleased with the final look!! Here are just a few pictures of their new fitness area, the pictures don’t do it justice, however… if you’re downtown, stop in and check it out!!!

Here is just a brief overview of the TOP OF THE LINE equipment that they have in their facility now:

The Omaha Kroc Center was THE FIRST facility in Nebraska to have the all new Expresso GO bikes installed, they have 2 uprights and 1 recumbent – if you haven’t tried the new GO bikes, give us a call and we can arrange for you to try them!! ?

We installed 2 Cybex International arc trainers, the 770AT and the 625AT w/ total access, 3 770T Cybex International, Inc. treadmills, 1 #latitude trainer by SCIFIT along with, 2 bi-directional recumbent bikes, and 2 Total body recumbent steppers.

In another area of the facility you will find wall mounted folding 1/2 racks by Dynamic Fitness & Strength with heavy bags mounted to them by TKO Sports, they also have speed bags in the room as well. ?

In the strength room, you find a power rack and half rack, again, by Dynamic Fitness & Strength and an entire jungle gym setup by Cybex International and a few pieces of selectorized equipment. This room is also home to the Ab Coaster 3000 by The Abs Company!!?

Another area of the facility is home to 4 Matrix Fitness #rowers, a #sparc trainer by Cybex International, the Ab Solo and Tire Flip 180XL by The Abs Company and a #curve non-motorized treadmill by Woodway Treadmills!!!

Multiple other accessories including 11 TRX Training suspension trainers are placed throughout the facility to make sure that everyone working out here has exactly what they are looking for!! A lot of hard work, planning, and dedication were put into this project, and you can see just how well that paid off!! Congrats to the Omaha Kroc Center on your new facility and thank you for continuing to team up with NOVA Fitness Equipment – we look forward to serving your needs in the future!!

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