VibePlate…. Quickly becoming a way of life in all areas of living!!

VibePlate…. Quickly becoming a way of life in all areas of living!!

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What is whole body vibration?

Whole body vibration is the transmission of vibrations to your body from a vibration platform machine.  The platform is able to transfer different amplitudes and frequencies to various areas of your body which in turn allows you to burn more energy without the need for oxygen, all the while stimulating muscle reactions.

What does this mean for me?

What this means to you is that your muscle fibers and nerves respond to the vibrational influences more strongly than they do deliberate muscle contractions.  Therefore, by exercising your muscles while using a vibration platform machine, you muscles are more deeply and efficiently being stimulated than they would be with conscious muscle contractions.  This type of exercise may lead to weight loss, decreased muscle soreness or stiffness, enhanced muscle strength and benefit your circulatory system.

Research has found that there are many potential advantages of using the VibePlate, even for just 15 – 20 minutes per day.  Some of those advantages include, increased bone density, increased metabolism rates, increased production of collagen, enhanced lymphatic flow and even reduced cellulite.

Who’s using the VibePlate?

Professional athletes, high school athletes, degenerative muscle disease patients, physical therapists, sports trainers, spinal cord rehab centers and even the military are routinely using vibration training/therapy.  With this many people out there using this new type of training, you have to ask yourself… why aren’t you?